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New Mayan Archeological Wonder

12 September, 2012

The Riviera Maya has another amazing
archeological wonder
to add to its list of tourist

Mexico's National Anthropology and History Institute (INAH)
said last week that they are recovering a great Mayan city,called Ichkabal,
buried under tons of earth and jungle south of the Riviera Maya,30 miles (50
km) from Chetumal.

Ichkabal's 7,400 acre (3,000 hectare) area has
structures more than 130 ft (40m) high and could provide new knowledge about the
ancient Mayan civilization.

The site was originally discovered in the
1990s. It was constructed in the Pre-classic Mayan period,around 200 AD,
possibly by the Peten Maya.

INAH said the new attraction will be ready to
receive visitors in 2 years and will be incorporated into the cultural-tourism
circuit with other magnicant ruins in the Mayan world.

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