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New Emerging Market Index Supports Mexico Investment

12 September, 2012

Europe's largest bank,HSBC,launched a new Emerging Market Index (EMI)
yesterday,a move that will support Mexico

The index follows the performance of Mexico and 12
other emerging markets that are on the path to fast becoming fully developed

HSBC stressed the growing global importance of emerging
markets such as Mexico. They said the launch of the index underscores "the
growing economic influence of emerging nations" and that they are "leading the
global economic recovery".

The creation of the new index will help
international investors and fund managers gauge the performance of emerging
markets more accurately and reliably.

The increased transparency of the
new,politically independent yardstick will boost investor confidence and
support investment in countries such as Mexico.

Growing optimism about
the global economy has led many to realize that now is the time to invest in
emerging markets and foreigners have been rushing to invest in

The Mexico investment real estate market is already
showing strong signs of growth and the wise investor knows that now is the time
to buy,before the upturn really start to take off.

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how you can benefit from Mexico investment.

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