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Millions of Americans Are Moving Next Door (to Mexico)

12 September, 2012

Despite hyped-headlines about drug war violence,Mexico,surprisingly,remains the reining #1 favorite vacation spot for North Americans. In fact,the number of American visitors coming to Mexico is up about 30% from this same time last year. 

What may be even more amazing is the number of Americans that are now actually making Mexico their home. According to the U.S. State Department,over 1 million American citizens now reside in Mexico,more than any other country outside the borders of the United States. Every single month an average of 5,000 new Americans are making the move,crossing the border,buying a house or condo and making their new home in this country next door. 

With 100 million Americans reaching the age of 50 by 2012,the number of Americans retiring in Mexicois expected to quadruple over the next 10 years. Baby boomers and busters are retiring at the rate of 10,000 per day. These would-be retirees are looking for sunny alternatives to expensive American markets like Florida,Arizona,Southern California and Texas and they are finding just that in Mexico. Mexico offers modern amenities and lifestyle that retirees want at 60% of the cost,amidst incredible natural beauty and tranquil environments. 

In many places in Mexico,you can live in a 3 bedroom hacienda,with a pool,maid and gardener for $1,000 month. You can also find first-world,modern health and dental care in Mexico for at least 50% of the cost in the U.S. In fact,a number of Americans are booking health-care-vacations to Mexico,where they incorporate medical treatments and a beach vacation for the same price they would pay for just for treatments themselves in the States. 

Americans who come to Mexico are also finding that many American companies and brands that they have become familiar with and accustomed to in their daily lives,are already here. Starbucks has 106 stores,Home Depot has opened 100 stores in 27 regions,Walmart has 120 locations,there are 80 Sam’s Clubs and Costco has 40 locations in 20 states.

Not surprisingly,the country next-door,is becoming more and more of a blend of American and Mexican culture,increasingly making this huge country next door an ideal place for Americans to vacation,live,work and retire.

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