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Mexico’s Top Broadcaster Eyes Telecom Deal at Tulum Airport

12 September, 2012

Televisa,the largest broadcaster in Mexico,said Monday that it is seriously interested in providing telecommunication services at thenew International Airport being constructed in Tulum. Executive Vice President Alfonso De Angoitia told analysts,“We are looking at that option in respect to telecommunication services provided in the airport itself,not to construct the airport”.

Over the last few years Televisa has diversified from its core broadcast business and has already added fixed line telephone service and pay television to its services. They are becoming increasingly aggressive in the communications space. Earlier this year they teamed up with Nextel at a government auction to bid for more mobile phone bandwidth capacity. If the bid goes through,Televisa will buy a 30% stake ($1.44 billion) in Nextel Mexico.

The new Tulum airport is expected to service over 3 million tourists by its third year in operation. Televisa,leveraging it’s eminent partnership with Nextel,is looking to get a significant piece of this brand new market and communications infrastructure. 

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