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Mexico's Flood Response Wins Top Award

12 September, 2012

Mexico's Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) was announced the winner of the
prestigious Edison Award for 2009,earlier this month.

The award,
launched in 1922,is the most respected international award for electricity
companies that show outstanding leadership,innovation and benefit to

The prize was presented to the CEO of CFE,Alfredo Elías,by Tom
Kuhn,President of the Edison Electric Institute (EEI),at the organization's
Annual Conference.

Kuhn said,"Sometimes in our industry,utilities are
tasked not only with keeping the lights on,but with life-saving
responsibilities. CFE met this challenge when the Grijalva River threatened to
overflow and was endangering area residents".

When a landslide in
November 2007 completely blocked the course of the Grijalva River in Southeast
Mexico,rising waters put the population downstream in grave danger and
threatened to damage CFE’s Peñitas hydroelectric power plant.

by a crisis management team of scientists and engineers,rapidly built a channel
to re-connect the river around the natural dam caused by the landslide.

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