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Mexico’s Economy Races Ahead

12 September, 2012

Yesterday’s cover story in the New York Times reported that Mexico and other Latin American economies are significantly outpacing their northern counterparts and most other countries around the world. 

While Europe and the U.S. worry over massive deficits and fears over a fragile recovery,Mexico and other Latin countries have been controlling debt,keeping taxes low and inflation under control which is encouraging investment and fueling growth.

Mexico is now surging out of the recession with a 4.3 percent growth rate in the first quarter and is on pace to reach 5 percent this year, "outpacing the U.S. economy",Canada and most of Europe. In fact,the Mexican economy is growing so quickly the Central Bank had to up its growth view almost 2 points from just a few months ago.

Currently,Mexico is enjoying the lowest business tax rate of 13 major countries,the strongest currency (peso) against the dollar,and one of the fastest growing real estate investment markets in the world.

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