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Mexico's Amazing One Year Comeback

12 September, 2012

This time last year,Mexico was fighting against a flu outbreak,its economy was struggling with global recession,tourists were cancelling trips and the fight against narco-traffickers was looking almost hopeless.

What a different picture today after Mexico's amazing one year comeback.

The world has applauded Mexico's response to the health scare and it is now a distant memory. The economy is expected to grow some 5% this year and interest rates are stable. Vacationers are flooding back to the country's beautiful beaches and success in the drug war is forcing smugglers to find other routes.

Mexicans can congratulate themselves on the way they have fought back. This is a nation of proud,hard-working people and they can rightly be optimistic about their future now.

The fact that international investors are raising billions of dollars to invest in Mexico is testimony to the confidence that now exists about its economic outlook.

And it remains a competitive environment too,recently named the most affordable location to do business in the world by international financial services experts, KPMG.

Many signs suggest the Mexican economy will recover faster than many more "developed" countries this year. Indeed, emerging markets like Mexico are a hot sector for savvy investors right now and foreign investment is set to grow fast.

This will clearly have an igniting effect on the Mexico real estate market. Although not as hard hit as other real estate markets that rely more on credit and less on cash,Mexico's property sector still suffered from the global recession.

Investment property experts,including the 'world's richest man',Carlos Slim,say now is the time to invest in Mexico,before the market really starts to explode.

Add to this infrastructure cataylsts in certain areas,such as the new Tulum airport in the Riviera Maya,and Mexico real estate is clearly a very attractive proposition.

If you've been hestitating to close a deal on property in Mexico,now is the time to take the plunge. Take advantage of the massive growth that Mexico will experience this year by investing now. Or risk that someone else beats you to it.