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Mexico Sets Standard For Mile High Calls

12 September, 2012

After the Mexican government lifted a ban on using cellphones on board flights
last month,Mexico's largest airline,Aeromexico,said it will let passengers
make calls on all its planes.

The eight year ban was quashed after the
Mexican Communications and Transport Secretariat discussed the topic with
engineers,pilots,safety consultants,passengers and flight crews.

result: Mexico is now setting global standards for the use of cellphones in

For safety reasons,Aeromexico said their flight crew can
halt calls if necessary and cellphones will connect to their own special onboard
network,thus not interfering with pilot communication.

There are
suggestions that British Airways could follow suit with a trial of voice calls
using the OnAir mobile communication system installed on its transatlantic
Airbus A318s.

And there is also interest from budget airlines like
Europe's Ryanair,who have said they are good to go,and giants like the
Dubai-based Emirates airline are already allowing cellular phone

It may only be a matter of time before using a cellphone on a
plane is as common as using one on any other form of transport. Maybe wifi for
your laptop will be next too? Wifly?!

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