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Mexico Real Estate Transaction Process

12 September, 2012

When purchasing property in Mexico you will need to know who is involved in the safe transaction of your investment as the process will differ from your home country. With a little background knowledge it's easy to buy safely in Mexico.

Choosing an
established realtor is always the first step,In Mexico there are no obligatory
license laws regulating real estate brokerage and sales,however to protect your
interests .he Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) has
developed a Code of Ethics that must be followed by all members of the

If you are buying in the restricted zone there will be four
parties involved in the real estate transaction to buy safely in Mexico,these
are the Real Estate Company,Buyer's Attorney,The Bank and Public Notary.

Once you have chosen your perfect home in Mexico your realtor will write
to the seller with the offer,once the seller has accepted this in writing a
promissory contract or purchase sale agreement - Contrato de Promesa - is signed by both

A deposit is paid to the seller but your agent will not handle
the money,it goes through an attorney. The next step will be the second part of
the contract the purchase sales agreement - Contrato de Compraventa - this is a formal
contract and both buyer and seller will complete this before a notario publico which must be filed in the
Public Registry of Property to be binding on both parties.

Finally in
stage three,the notario publico will
ensure the terms of the formal sales contract have been fulfilled then proceed
to draft the property’s deed - escritura
- and schedule a closing meeting for both parties.

American attorneys are
not licensed to practice law in Mexico and should not give advice on Mexican
Law; however any Mexican attorney can normally handle a real estate transaction
from Baja to Cancun.

At Investment
Properties Mexico
we work with established and experienced Mexican real
estate attorneys that offer the most competitive fees and ensure your
transaction is in skilled safe hands. We can help you with your real estate
transaction and be sure that you buy safely in Mexico.

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