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Mexico Real Estate News: Hop-on Launches World Tourism Phones in Cancun,Mexico

12 September, 2012

The first ever World Tourism Phones were launched by Hop-on,Inc. in Cancun,Mexico. The phones allow consumers to have a US or International phone number,along with a local Mexican cell number,which can save considerable amounts of money for travelers who are trying to avoid paying sky high roaming fees.

“Now international travelers can use our phones to make local and long distance calls to loved ones back home,or use them as a business solution,” stated Peter Michaels,Hop-on CEO. “Hop-on is targeting the ‘Mega Resorts’ and travel industries in Mexico.”

Michaels says the company’s efforts have been successful in the Cancun area,with phone service already available through three major resorts and one international travel provider. As a result,Hop-on is actively working on expanding in Cancun and will begin actively targeting other popular tourist destinations throughout Mexico in the coming months. Hop-on’s rates are cheaper than existing roaming deals with most carriers,and the service provides a much-needed alternative for travelers who are with a provider that does not have a roaming agreement in Mexico,such as Sprint Mobile. 

The new service provided by Hop-on also allows customers to forget about losing their US or other international cell phone plans. In addition,the Mexican Ministry of Tourism reported that the number of air arrivals in December of 2011 was up at least 13 percent from the same time period in 2010. In fact,more than 1.07 million travelers visited Mexico real estate that month,which set a new record.

“We envisage 2012 will be a record-breaking year for Mexico in terms of tourism numbers,” stated Rodolfo Lopez-Negrete,COO of the Mexican Tourism Board. “Mexico’s tourism industry is undergoing a stunning transformation – based on a bold strategy of diversification – aimed at attracting a new breed on global consumer.”

To learn more,please visit www.hop-onmexico.com.

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