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Mexico Real Estate News: BBC Says ‘Time to Look Beyond Mexico Drug Violence’

12 September, 2012

In a BBC article dated June 14,David A. Shirk of San Diego University’s Trans-Border Institute writes that it is time to end excessively negative views of Mexico based on reports of drug violence,urging readers to take a closer look at the extraordinary opportunity for investment Mexico presents.

“If Mexico were a stock,now might be the time to buy. The country has been severely under-valued in recent years.”

The truth of the matter is that the murder rate in Mexico is significantly lower than that of Brazil,Columbia and Puerto Rico. Furthermore,the country’s of Belize,Guatemala and Honduras are currently experiencing murder rates that are nearly double that of Mexico. The media’s persistent focus on the drug war being waged along Mexico’s northern border has caused many would-be investors to avoid Mexico,despite the fact that their fears are largely unfounded.

In reality,according to Shirk,the latest analysis performed by San Diego’s Trans-Border Institute shows that drug-related homicides in Mexico are down by nearly 20 percent and that 2012 is expected to see fewer drug-related murders than in the previous two years. “There is much more to Mexico than drug violence,” he writes.

For one thing,Mexico real estate is still the number one destination for U.S. travelers venturing abroad,with more than 20 million heading south of the border in 2011 alone. Also,more than one million U.S. citizens reside in Mexico full-time,and the country is showing clear signs of growing in economic importance on a global scale. 

“It is the seventh largest oil producer and the third biggest oil supplier to the U.S. market,” Shirk observes. “More U.S. export-based jobs depend on Mexico than on any other country except Canada.”

In addition,Mexican investors now own U.S. brands Entenmann’s,Dairy Fresh Milk and Thomas’ English Muffins,while Mexican billionaire and world’s riches man Carlos Slim owns nearly 10 percent of the New York Times. These developments reflect the growing role Mexican investors are playing internationally and the fact that the country’s average income is on the rise. 

The bottom line? “The country is likely to continue to grow economically,reduce poverty and nourish its small,but expanding,middle class,” writes Shirk.

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