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Mexico Praised For Flu Response

12 September, 2012

Mexico's response to the flu scare was praised by the World Health Organization
(WHO) and others,during a two-day summit of health ministers and officials in
Cancun,which finished yesterday.

Head of WHO,Margaret Chan,said,
"Mexico gave the world an early warning,and it also gave the world a model of
rapid and transparent reporting,aggressive control measures,and generous
sharing of data and samples".

The AP news agency said,"Mexico ...
deserves the whole world's thanks for its forceful,costly and very public
response,which included a near-total shutdown of the nation's public life that
cost the country $3.5 billion."

Nancy Cox,head of the flu division of
the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,said,"They were so
courageous to do what they did [in Mexico]. It impressed the entire

The Mexican President,Felipe Calderón,took the opportunity to
call on the international community to "close ranks" and come together to
produce a vaccination that everyone can have access to,especially in less
developed countries.

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