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Mexico Peace Voyage Visits Cozumel

12 September, 2012

An incredible wooden trimaran ship, built in Veracruz, Mexico, will visit Cozumel later this month on an international voyage of peace.

One lucky child from the island will be chosen to embark on the sailing, that will deliver messages of goodwill to 16 different ports in the USA and Europe. Named "Zamná" after an ancient Mayan high priest, the 3 hulled maritime masterpiece left its shipyard in Alvarado, Veracruz at the end of July. It will make a stop in Progreso, Yucatan before it is expected in Cozumel on August 26.

Alberto Marrufo González, Tourism Director for Cozumel, said the lucky winner of the "The Child,The Sea and Peace" competition will be chosen from 4 candidates, who all have their passports ready. The winner, and his or her parent or teacher, will join the crew for a 5 month sailing, which will arrive as far as El Pireo in Greece.

The "Zamná" was constructed by a team of 32 carpenters in just one year. It has three hulls, weighs up to 88 tons (80 tonnes) and is 115ft (35m) long by 43ft (13m) wide. The boat has windows in the pyramid style of the Maya and its bow has a light that simulates the pyramid of Chichen Itza. It was paid for by Yucatan businessman, José Manuel Díaz Rubio, who is reported to have invested $2.5 million in the project.

Cozumel has long been popular with ships and yachtsman, given its strategic position on the Mexican Caribbean. It was even popular with pirates in times gone by. It currently offers two marinas with safe harbor for recreational boats, one of which is currently being redeveloped and offers some excellent options to boat owners looking for Cozumel real estate.

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