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Mexico May Give More To IMF

12 September, 2012

Mexico may increase financing for the Washington-based International Monetary
Fund (IMF),Mexican central bank Governor,Guillermo Ortiz,told Bloomberg news
earlier this month.

“We,in Mexico,will ... participate in this effort
to raise money either by purchasing the bonds or directly lending,” Ortiz said
in an interview in Montreal.

The news follows the unveiling of plans by
Russia and Brazil to buy $20 billion of bonds from the IMF. China may also
purchase $50 billion and India could follow suit.

Bloomberg said Ortiz’s
comments "signal countries outside the so-called BRICs,the largest emerging
economies,may be willing to contribute more to the IMF."

decision and details will be announced by the currency commission,which is
comprised of officials from the central bank and finance ministry,Ortiz said.

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