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Mexico Investment In Fiber Optic Network

12 September, 2012

Plans will be published this month for a fiber optic tender in

Local and international telecom firms are looking forward to the
bidding and the Mexico investment opportunity to expand their markets and
provide faster communications.

Gabriela Hernandez,Deputy Communications
and Transport Minister,said the government hoped to award the contracts in

Mexico's government-owned power company,CFE,owns a 16,777 mile
(27,000km) fiber optic network and will put two unused parts of it out to

CFE's infrastructure will give private telecoms companies a
leg-up for their Mexico investment and offers a new route for delivering phone,
television and internet to Mexican homes and businesses.

Hernandez said
CFE's "backbone" will be split into three networks: Pacific,from Baja
California to Oaxaca; Center,from Chihuahua to Chiapas; and Gulf,from Nuevo
Leon to the Yucatan Peninsula.

The move is expected to drastically
improve the speed and reliability of communications and represents a massive
opportunity for Mexico investment from the winning bidder.