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Mexico Investment In Airwaves

12 September, 2012

Mexico will start to auction off cellphone airwaves in May,said the Federal
Telecommunications Commission,last week. The move is aimed to encourage investment and increase competition among mobile phone

According to a law passed by the Mexican government in 2009,
investors will pay annual fees of about $75 million over 20 years for one of the
two airwave "blocks" available for new entrants.

The exact amount of time
for the auction will depend on how many rounds of bidding there are. The agency
will have 30 days to declare a winner after the auction

Regulators say they want to use the airwave sale to encourage
investment and competition with dominant operator America Movil,which owns Telcel in Mexico and has over 70% of Mexican
cellphone subscribers.

Television company Grupo Televisa and telecom company,Axtel,may also use the opportunity to enter
the wireless market.

could also bid for other airwaves to expand its phone and
high-speed internet capacity.

Whatever the outcome of the auctions,the
Mexico investment in telecoms will mean
massive benefits for the consumer in terms of improved coverage,speed and

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