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Mexico Investment Bright

12 September, 2012

Mexico plans to invest $91.2 billion USD in power over the next 4 years,
according to a recent new report from the government energy ministry,

Of the bright new Mexico
,49% will go to generation,20.1% to the distribution sector,
18.5% to the transmission sector,11.6% to maintenance and 0.8% to "other"

The recently released 2009-24 forecast breaks down the
massive Mexico investment in the energy sector and highlights the emphasis on
renewable energy. SENER says renewable generation,which includes hydroelectric
plants with less than 30MW capacity,is targetted to rise to 7.7% by

In a move to improve the planning of energy in Mexico,the SENER
forecast looked 15 years ahead for the first time,previous forecasts covered
only 10 years.

Despite the international economic squeeze cutting the
government's budget they have still pushed through an impressive package of
investment on infrastructure,gas and renewable energy.

projects are focussing on the major routes and tourism areas in order to boost
local economies and real estate markets too.

As the year draws to a
close,Mexico investment is a rising star. 2010 looks bright.

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