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Mexico Infrastructure Fund Doubles Projects

12 September, 2012

Top news publication,BusinessWeek,
reported today that Mexico’s National Infrastructure Fund will nearly double the
number of projects it helps this year to encourage economic growth and create

The Federal fund is used to support private investment in Mexico's
highways,waterworks and ports and is authorized to invest 30.4 billion pesos
($2.37 billion) in 42 projects for 2010.

Federico Patino,director of
the fund - Fonadin - said,"The message
in Mexico is that projects won’t be detained because of a lack of

Patino worked at the national development bank Nacional
Financiera in Mexico for 28 years before joining the infrastructure fund in

The article on BusinessWeek's website explained President
Felipe Calderon created the fund to drive investment in roads,bridges,trains,
water treatment and other infrastructure projects to create work,improve access
to clean water and reduce transport delays.

Despite the international
economic squeeze the Mexican government has still pushed through an impressive package of improvements,
focussing on the major routes and tourism areas in order to boost local
economies and real estate markets too.

As Mexico plows on with its
infrastructure development program more and more are employed and Mexico's
construction companies tendering for the work are also expanding

One thing is for sure,this public investment will have a
positive effect on the economy and Mexico real estate prices.

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