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Mexico Health Care Hits Headlines Again

12 September, 2012

With the healthcare debate fired up in the United States right now,the option
for Americans to seek Mexico health care
is making the news again.

Yesterday,Reuters news service wrote an
article about the experiences of retired police officer Bob Ritz.

said that although Mr Ritz has health insurance that covers his medical and
dental care in the United States,he still drives every few months from his home
in Tombstone,Arizona,across the border to the south to take advantage of
Mexico health care and avoid the costs not paid by insurance.

"I pay $400
a month for my health insurance,and it's still cheaper to come to Mexico," Mr
Ritz,60,told Reuters,"I'm very lucky to live near enough to Mexico to get
good healthcare at a reasonable price."

The news agency also spoke to
Beatriz Iturriaga,a 26-year-old mother of two from Eastlake,south of San

Ms Iturriaga undertook surgery at a Mexican clinic for $6,500. It
would have cost her up to $40,000 in the U.S.

She said,"I waste up to
four hours coming to an appointment,but it's worth it as we'll save thousands
of dollars."

Some are surprised by the extremely high standards of health care in Mexico,but when they realize
that many of the top Mexican medical staff are trained in U.S. universities and
hospitals,the reasons become obvious.

Indeed,many private hospitals
work together with,or are even owned by,U.S. health care groups.

U.S. and Mexico healthcare companies are
keen to take advantage of the trend in "medical tourism".

Last year,
Tecnologico de Monterrey,a private
university that owns San Jose Hospital,announced plans for a $100 million
medical facility in Monterrey.

Even Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is
getting in on the act. His company Grupo
Financiero Inbursa
took an undisclosed stake in Star Medica,a privately held hospital chain
based in Morelia,Michoacan,in southern Mexico,just last year.

And the
excellent Mexico health care system is
not just for visitors. Many foreigners that buy Mexico real estate do so in part
because they know that living here will give them easy access to great medical

There are many private health insurance companies which offer
policies to foreigners buying homes in Mexico as well. The low cost of
healthcare,whether insured or not,is one of the many reasons folks choose to
relocate here.

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