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Mexico Finance Experts Join International Body

12 September, 2012

Mexico finance experts from the country's
central bank have joined counterparts on the Committee on Payment and Settlement
Systems (CPSS),announced the Bank for International Settlements (BIS),at the
end of last month.

The CPSS is a forum for nations' central banks to
monitor changes in international payment,clearing and settlement systems. It is
part of the BIS.

Australia,Brazil,China,India,Russia,Saudi Arabia,
South Africa and South Korea also joined at the same time as Mexico and the
committee now has 23 members.

The BIS said the new members will "enhance
the committee's ability to contribute to financial stability through
improvements to the global payments and settlement infrastructure".

members of the CPSS are Belgium,Canada,the European Central Bank,France,
Germany,Hong Kong,Italy,Japan,the Netherlands,Singapore,Sweden,
Switzerland,Britain and the United States.

The chairman of the committee
is William Dudley,also president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New

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