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Mexico Better Equipped For Crisis

12 September, 2012

The Wall Street Journal newspaper said
last week that Mexico is better equipped for the current global economic
depression than it was for the 1995 crisis.

The New York financial daily
said,"revamped public finances and well-capitalized local banks put it on a
much stronger footing than it had 14 years ago."

Alfredo Coutino,Latin
America director at Moody's Economy.com,told the paper,"Mexico's economy
doesn't have [structural] imbalances. Fiscal accounts are close to balanced.
External debt is sustainable. Inflation is low. The exchange rate is

The report also pointed out that Mexico's central bank has an
"ample war chest" to support the peso currency and the government has a $47
billion flexible credit line with the International Monetary Fund,which so far
it doesn't expect to use.

Read the full
report on the Wall Street Journal

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