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Mexican Tourism Fights Back

12 September, 2012

Mexicans in many tourist zones are simply bemused.

The sun is out,the
sea is warm,the sand is soft. They have had no cases of the new flu virus.

Yet they have effectively been banned by the US government as unsafe for
travel. To rub salt in the wound,areas in the US with far more cases of the flu
are open.

The Mexican tourism industry has its work cut out to fight the
US government and media. It's David and Goliath,but they have to try. Their
livelihoods literally depend on it.

President of Mexico,Felipe Calderón,
announced early on that money would be available to boost the Mexican tourism
industry and limit economic impact on families.

yesterday,the Mexican Tourism Board proudly announced Alondra de la Parra,as
Cultural Ambassador for Mexico’s Tourism.

This beautiful and intelligent
Mexican Orchestra Conductor will surely do a fine job,but what Mexican tourism
really needs is a return of visitors in number. Right now.

Mexican Health
Minister Jose Angel Cordova said earlier this week that five top beach areas -
Puerto Vallarta,Los Cabos,Mazatlan,Zihuatanejo and Cozumel - have not
registered any confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus. This is true,but detracts
from the fact that all of Mexico is
safe,especially when compared with the USA which has now seen more flu cases
and more recently.

The problem is: the US Government's Center for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC) still has a blanket travel alert for the whole of
Mexico advising against non-essential travel. Until this is updated,many
cruiseships,flights and visitors will not return.

In Cozumel,over 2,000
people have signed an online petition to the CDC and the Florida
Caribbean Cruise Association is also reported to have written to the government
health agency.

Little by little,David will win this battle against
Goliath. Sense will triumph over injustice and visitors will return en masse to Mexico's paradise vacation

In the mean time,it's a great time to visit and enjoy the
tranquility. You may also snap up a bargain in real estate too.

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