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Mexican Stock Exchange Bounces Back

12 September, 2012

The value of companies on the Mexico Stock Exchange bounced back this week,
sending the Bolsa index to a seven month

Bloomberg news said the rise was due to speculation that Mexico's
economy will recover as the central bank cuts interest rates and the global
crisis eases.

The index opened in trading on Monday at 23,935.49 but by
10am Mexico City time today it had reached 24,755.59,an increase of 3.4 percent
so far this week.

Gerardo Roman,head of stock trading at Actinver
brokerage in Mexico City,told Reuters news yesterday,"Coming from an outlook
that was totally adverse,negative and pessimistic,it looks like things are
turning around."

The Mexican peso has also reached a 6 month high off the
back off the same positive sentiment,trading at 12.86 pesos to the dollar at
10am Mexico City time today.

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