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Mexican Peace Voyage In New York

12 September, 2012

New York will receive a message of peace on Thursday,as part of a 4½ month sea
voyage from Mexico to Greece and back,via 15 ports in North America,Europe and

The magnificent wooden trimaran,Zamná,set sail on its peace
mission from Cozumel at the end of last
month and made its first stop in Miami where it received a festival

At 1pm on Thursday it's expected to dock in New York’s South
Street Sea Port for the crew to deliver their message of peace and take part in
events to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11.

After some last minute
preparations in New York,the Zamná is programmed to start her Atlantic crossing
on September 12,her first stop in Europe will be in Salinas,Spain,followed by
Santander,birthplace of the project's visionary architect,Vital

Alsar,a wise and much-honored Spanish sailor of 75 years,brought
his dream to realization at his adopted home in Veracruz,México.

essence of the dream voyage is beautiful in its simplicity: to take a child from
the Mayan homelands of Mexico half-way across the world to meet his kindred in
Greece,cradle of another of the world's great civilizations.

Cozumel was declared as "Island of Peace"
earlier this year due to its freedom from conflict since ancient Mayan

Because of this honor,presented by the International Committee
for the Banner of Peace,a non-governmental organization affiliated with the
United Nations,the island became a partner in Alsar's maritime project,now
known as "The Child,the Sea and Peace".

The ship is a unique handcrafted
wooden masterpiece,110 feet (33.5m) long and boasting three masts,she was
built by a team of 40 skilled ship makers in the Mexican state of

Egyptian,Greek and Mexican influences are visible in the
design and the windows are decorated with images that mimic Mayan

The message of peace can even be found in the fabric of the boat's
canvas and timbers.

On the prow is a white dove and the word "peace" is
written on the sails in 24 languages.

For more information about the voyage visit the Zamná website or learn more about the
Island of Peace on our Cozumel real estate page.

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