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Mexican Caribbean Top Summer Destination

12 September, 2012

The Mexican Caribbean is by far the most popular overseas destination this summer,said top travel website,Orbitz,this week.

In their annual summer "Insider Index",Cancun and the Riviera Maya were the only non-US destinations to feature in the top five.

Cancun came second and the Riviera Maya third,beating top American destinations such as Orlando and Chicago. Las Vegas just outranked the popular Mexican beach destinations to take the top spot.

Jeanenne Tornatore,Orbitz Travel Insider,said that "While average summer airfares appear to be trending higher year over year,travelers will find significant hotel savings",in the Mexican Caribbean destinations.

Cancun and the Riviera Maya both jumped up the chart from their previous positions,leaping a total of 9 places when compared with last year and demonstrating,once again, Mexico's amazing tourist and economic comeback.

Orbitz also said the Mexican Caribbean is very popular for short breaks this Memorial Weekend,the traditional opening date for the summer season. 

In their separate Memorial Day Index,Cancun came second again,closely followed by the Riviera Maya at number 7.

Orbitz is one of the internet's top travel companies,allowing travelers to search and book a wide range of travel products,including flights,hotels,vacation packages,car rentals and cruises. 

Launched in June 2001,they now offer products from over 80,000 suppliers internationally.

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