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Mexican Airline Joins OneWorld Alliance

12 September, 2012

The airline Mexicana,one of the leaders in the Mexican and Central American
market,will join the OneWorld alliance on November 10,said Spanish airline and
alliance member,Iberia,last month.

In a move that will make Mexico even
cheaper and easier to fly to,Iberia said it is sponsoring Mexicana in an entry
process that has taken a year and a half,ensuring Mexicana complies with the
requirements of the alliance.

The Spanish airline also said that
Mexicana's smaller domestic offshoots,MexicanaLink and MexicanaClick,will also
be incorporated as affiliate members.

For Mexicana,joining OneWorld will
strengthen its competitive offering and its financial position. For OneWorld,
the incorporation of Mexican destinations will extend the network of the
alliance in Mexico and Central America.

Expanding its position as the
leading airline alliance in the Hispanic community,OneWorld now brings together
American Airlines,British Airways,Cathay Pacific,Finnair,Iberia,Japan
Airlines,LAN,Malév Hungarian Airlines,Qantas,Royal Jordanian,American
Eagle,Dragonair,LAN Argentina,LAN Ecuador and LAN Peru.

The addition
of a Mexican airline is expected to give the alliance a massive boost since
Mexico is now the eleventh most populous country in the world,the thirteenth
world economy and the eighth most popular tourist destination,attracting more
than 21 million foreign visitors each year.

OneWorld,which already flew
to 13 airports in Mexico,will launch 26 new destinations to its map,24 in
Mexico plus Edmonton in Canada and Oakland in the U.S. bringing the total
destinations in Latin America to nearly 150 and about 700 cities in 150
countries worldwide.

OneWorld,with a fleet of two thousand 250
aircrafts,more than 8,000 flights a day,32 million passengers and annual
revenue of $100,000 million,will be able to offer their custumers more choices
and benefits,more lounges,and better customer service support.

November 10,members of Mexicana's frequent flier program may earn and redeem
miles on all flights with members of OneWorld. The cardholders for MexicanaGo
Conquer and Explore,will have Emerald and Sapphire status respectively,so they
will have access to 550 airport lounges. All program members will soon receive
MexicanaGo,the new loyalty program cards,bearing the OneWorld Logo,so they
can fully enjoy the benefits of the alliance.

Also from that date,
holders of frequent flyer programs of airlines that are already members of the
alliance may accumulate and use points,as well as receive all other OneWorld
benefits when flying with Mexicana and its affiliates.

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