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Massive Investment In Tulum Infrastructure

12 September, 2012

The company of Mexican businessman,Alfonso Romo,has beaten more than 20 other
companies to win the contract to build a new
highway bridge in Tulum
on the Riviera Maya,said Mexican newspaper,El Semanario,last week.

The bridge
forms another part of the major infrastructure investment taking place in the
area,along with the new Riviera Maya international airport and fast
coastal highway routes.

The paper said that Romo's company Proyectos y Desarrollos de Infraestructura,
the construction arm of Grupo PDI,won
the contract for around $11.1

Romo was previously in the Forbe's "Rich List" and has
owned companies Cigarrera La Moderna (now BAT México),Seguros Comercial América
(now AXA insurance) and Seminis (now part of Monsanto).

Work will start
on the bridge next week and will take until the end of 2010 to

Since Tulum became an independent municipality last year and
new infrastructure projects have been confirmed,land prices have already risen
rapidly. The stars are aligning for Tulum real

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