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Major US Law Firm Promotes Tulum Airport

12 September, 2012

Major US law firm,Baker & McKenzie,is promoting the "invitation to bid"
(ITB) for the construction of the new Tulum airport on its website this

In an article from their Mexico City office,they say "the Mexican
Ministry of Communications and Transport confirmed that no later than November
2009 it will launch the ITB to participate in an infrastructure project
consisting of the construction and operation of the new Riviera Maya

We posted news about the Tulum airport tender at the beginning of
August,but it is significant that one of the largest international legal
companies in the US is promoting it now too.

After the airport project
suffered early doubts and delays,it is now clearer than ever that it will go
ahead and legal firms like Baker & McKenzie will seek to get in on the act
with judicial work related to the ITB.

Politicians and business people
locally hope that the airport will provide the "economic trigger" to make Tulum
one of the most affluent parts of the Mexican Caribbean.

The heavy public
investment has had an affect on the price of Tulum real estate and the number of
overseas real estate developers in the area has boomed.

opportunities are available in land and property and with the massive growth of
tourism in Tulum and the Riviera Maya set to continue,now is an excellent
moment to invest in Tulum real estate.

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