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Los Cabos Real Estate: Doorway To Nature

12 September, 2012

The Los Cabos area is renowned both for
the lively “party-town” aspect of Cabo San Lucas and for its laid-back,
desert-meets-the-sea appeal.

Any traveler can find its fabulous resorts
and its luxury villas, and can spend the finest of times lounging around
beautiful pools.

But Los Cabos also has much to offer the new breed of
travel pilgrim.

Los Cabos is a diverse region of intriguing eco-systems
and unique terrain. Dubbed “the aquarium of the world” by Jacques Cousteau, the
confluence of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez at Baja’s tip boasts an
extraordinary profusion of marine life, both big and small.

A piece of
Los Cabos real estate offers you a
doorway directly to Baja California's amazing variety of nature.

Pulmo, located on the East Cape, is a protected National Marine Park that boasts
one of the largest and most diverse coral reefs in North America. There are also
several biosphere reserves, where diverse ecosystems offer habitat to species of
plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth. These rugged desert canyons,
arroyos and cactus-laden hills are fed by mountain streams and often open up to
spectacular views of sparkling seas.

Discerning eco-tourists can choose
from a wide array of offerings withn easy distance of great Los Cabos real estate, from whale and
bird-watching excursions to turtle hatchings, kayaking, mountain biking,
snorkeling and scuba diving, dolphin encounters, mountain climbing and more.

Some people might head off to far-flung lands like the exotic Galapagos
or frozen Antarctica for their ventures; some people might even crave an unusual
jungle outing like gorilla tracking in far-off Rwanda. But some will wisely
choose Los Cabos, where they’ll find a
bright world of intrigue and excitement, where a vacation doesn’t merely have to
be a vacation, but can be a lifetime experience.

Find out more about the area and Los Cabos real estate.

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