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Los Angeles Times Website Debate

12 September, 2012

We were pleased to see our research on safety in Mexican and U.S.A. tourists
zones used in an article on the Los Angeles Times website

"Mexico's real estate industry is fighting back",said the

Even more interesting is the online discussion that followed the
news. Some people still don't believe that Mexico's tourist zones can be safer
than the U.S.A. We have had to defend our analysis to prove our point is

However,an encouraging number of readers are supportive and agree
that Mexico is a great place for a vacation or
to buy real estate.
Often safer than the U.S.A. itself.

We have
never pretended that our research is highly scientific,but it does show beyond
doubt that Mexico is not the dangerous country all over that some portray it to

The main purpose of our study was to get people thinking and
questioning media reports. We know Mexico's tourist zones are safe because we
live here. Hopefuly more people will know that now too.

Read the article and take part in the Los Angeles
Times website debate here.

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