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Koreans Invited To Invest In Tulum Airport

12 September, 2012

The Mexican government has invited South Korean companies to invest in the new
Tulum airport,reported Mexican newspaper,
El Sol de Mexico,

Talking at a Latin American-Korean business forum in Seoul,
South Korea,Humberto Treviño,Sub-Secretary at the Mexican Secretariat for
Communications and Transport,said he hopes Korean companies will confirm their
interest in Mexican infrastructure projects,such as the new Riviera Maya
international airport in Tulum.

In an open invitation to the audience of
South Korean companies,Treviño said,"all the real estate property for the
airport is ready for investment,and in four or six weeks we will have the
bidding to participate in the project."

He said that the Tulum airport
will have an initial capacity of 3 million passengers per year and that the cost
of approximately $300 million includes the Tulum airport complex and access
routes,adding that financing will be by private investment and concessions,
which will be put out to tender soon.

The number of jobs that will
created to build the new Tulum airport has not yet been confirmed,but reports
suggest the government estimates some 30,000 workers will be

Locally,politicians and business people say the airport will
provide the "economic trigger" to make the southern part of the Riviera Maya one
of the most prosperous zones in the Mexican Caribbean.

Public spending on
infrastructure in the area has already had a positive effect on the price of
Tulum real estate and overseas real estate developers are investing

Many real estate opportunities exist and,with the continuing
growth of tourism in the Riviera Maya,now is an excellent time to invest in Tulum real estate.

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