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Huatulco Leads In Eco-Tourism

12 September, 2012

Huatulco, a hidden gem of nine stunning and almost unexplored bays in the
Pacific state of Oaxaca, is not just a paradise for ecotourism lovers but the
first and only Green Globe community in Latin and North America, said the Mexico
Tourism Board yesterday.

Well aware of the unique landscape and rich
ecosystem that combines jungles and forests as well as an abundant marine life,
the Huatulco community has undertaken the responsibility of preserving this
exceptional tourist destination as pure and distinctive as possible.

goal is to facilitate responsible and sustainable environmental performance that
addresses, among others, tourism activity and development issues.

this spirit, Huatulco offers an array of ecotourism activities combined with the
always pampering suntan at the beach or pool, plus enlightening visits such as
the tour of the Towns and Traditions.

An appealing promenade through
small villages on the skirts of the Sierra Madre, where you can learn how
tortillas and tamales are made, eat some nopal (cactus) salad, and engrave your
name in blocks of adobe.

In Llano Grande experience La Gloria, a 100-year
old coffee plantation where you can spend the night or just stay for lunch and
sip on cafe de olla, the best cup of coffee you will ever have. After lunch, go
on a short hike and swim in the cool waterfalls—a perfect ending to this tour.

In an email newsletter to the US press, the Tourism Board went on to
list a plethora of other inspiring green things to do in and around Huatulco,
making it clear why this area has become such a hotspot for tourists that want a
responsible vacation.

The zone's popularity and growth as a place to
relax and do good, whilst feeling good, have caused an equal increase in
interest in local real estate.

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