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Foreign Rush For Mexico Investment

12 September, 2012

The last couple of weeks have seen report after report about foreign companies
investing big money and making business commitments in Mexico.

optimism about the economy has led many to realize that now is the time to
invest in emerging markets,and Mexico
tops the list.

Recent news related to foreign
investment in Mexico includes:

bank HSBC
raising its recommendation for Mexican shares to "buy".

• American car manufacturer General Motors completing a Mexico investment
of more than $1 million in a new customer
service center and the 6 millionth car rolling off their Mexican production

• The Wall Street Journal newspaper reporting that American car
manufacturer Chysler is planning to build
new Fiats at its plant in Toluca,Mexico.

• U.S. credit ratings agency,
Fitch,re-confirming its "B" rating for
Mexican cement giant,Cemex.

• Reports that Spanish mega-bank,Santander,has invested $190 million in a new customer contact and
service center in Querétaro,Mexico.

• U.S. communications leader,Motorola,announcing the opening of its new
innovation and development center in Monterrey,with a reported $8 million Mexico investment in

• U.S. financial experts,JP Morgan,rating Mexico as their top pick for Latin American stocks and

• U.S. drinks company,Coca-Cola,announcing a commitment to invest
$5 billion in Mexico in the following 5

• U.S. financial experts,Morgan
,raising their recommendation for
in Mexican construction companies Geo and Urbi.

• Spanish
construction company Acciona saying it
will oversee the building of 3 hospitals and a clinic in Mexico worth $43 million.

All of this comes on top of
existing commitments by foreigners in real estate,such as major Spanish
developers and banks investing billions in projects like Mayakoba and Mareazul in the Riviera

Clearly,the same logic for investing in Mexican businesses applies
for foreigners thinking of investing in Mexico real estate.

As the global
economy recovers foreign money will continue its rush to emerging markets in
search of strong returns - be they in businesses or property.

The Mexico
investment property market is already showing strong signs of growth. The savvy
investor knows that now is the time to
get in,before prices really start to take off.

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