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Forbes: Mexico Offers "Cheap, Safe Vacations"

12 September, 2012

Forbes, publisher of some of America's most respected magazines, said last week
that there are "no bullets on the beaches" and "you can still find cheap, safe
vacations" in Mexico.

In an article on their website, they pointed out
that while drug violence exists in some areas of Mexico, the tourist areas
remain secure.

Their writer, Courtney Pannell, explained, "Tourism hot
spots like Cabo San Lucas, Riviera Maya, Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta so far remain untainted by
the chaos erupting in many other parts of the country."

The article
included interviews with travel experts and professionals and cited examples of
the great vacation deals available at the moment, such as a flight and an
all-inclusive stay for three nights at the Grand Oasis Riviera Maya resort in
the Riviera Maya from as little as $359.

Forbes' opinion backs up what
Mexico insiders already knew: despite some bad press coverage, Mexico's tourist
zones are very safe and real estate investment here offers some of the best
opportunities in the western hemisphere at the moment.

We undertook
research into crime rates in Mexico, the U.S.A. and Canada, in April, to prove
just this point.

The results were fascinating and indicated that major tourist zones in Mexico are up to 26 times safer than some tourist zones in the U.S.A.

With safety
assured and such amazing deals available on flights and vacations to Mexico at
the moment, it is the perfect time to visit and look for your dream piece of
Mexico real estate.

Read the full
article on Forbes' website.

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