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Financial Times Upbeat About Mexico

12 September, 2012

Esteemed London newspaper,the Financial Times,ran an upbeat report about the Mexican economy,last week.

The British daily's special 4 page color supplement,titled "Mexico: Infrastructure and Finance",included a host of articles looking at Mexico's economic record through the global crisis and how 2010 is likely to pan out.

And it's looking good.

"On the economic front ... things are already looking up ... Mexico will expand 3.9 per cent in 2010",said the report. 

The report's lead article explained how U.S. demand for industrial exports is helping drive growth in the Mexican economy,in particular,the automobile sector.

Another article looked at the country's access to credit on world markets. They said that international investors are keen to invest in Mexico now and credit is widely available for Mexican businesses.

"[Mexican] companies are once again finding a 'welcome' sign at the entrance to international capital markets," they said.

They also heaped praise on Mexico's ability to develop and promote tourism,in an example about the Mexican Caribbean they said,"Cancún ... is now by far the largest and most successful resort in the country."

The fact that such a prestigious financial publication has run an overwhelmingly positive report about investing in Mexico is important.

The Financial Times is not one to lavish optimism without reason,so it's well worth listening to what they have to say.

Indeed,there can be no doubt that the Mexican economy has turned around and,as growth predictions keep rising for 2010,now is the time to invest.