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Expats Living Comfortably And Cheaply In Mexico

12 September, 2012

The Kansas City Star newspaper said last week that many American retirees are
making a life in Mexico,comfortably and cheaply.

In a special article by
their reporter,David Reinbold,the paper said that many retired Americans are
attracted to Mexico by the "sunshine and warm weather,its proximity to home and
a cost of living that's far lower than in the United States."

The report
pointed out that while expats still receive their pensions and other benefits,
such as retiree or supplemental security income,in Mexico,health plans under
Medicare and Medicaid are not available.

However,good insurance is
available locally and Mexican healthcare is both excellent quality and lower in
price than in the U.S.

Gordon White,a 67-year-old retired software
executive from Detroit,told the paper that he thought he was in excellent hands
when he had a recent knee operation in Mexico.

White said,"The rich
Mexicans go to the United States for medical care,but I think the doctors down
here are good. A lot of them go to the United States for their advanced degrees