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Ejido Land Offers Opportunities In Mexico

12 September, 2012

Ejido land offers some great real estate
investment opportunities in Mexico. It is communal agricultural land owned by
the federal government but used by local communities for

Foreigners that take care to understand the legal process
can buy this land from members of the ejidos ("ejidatarios").

members are permitted and required to use and work the land,but could not sell,
lease or use the land for collateral until January 27th,1992,when a new
Agrarian Law was passed allowing the privatization and sale of ejido

Every day more people are hearing about ejidos and are getting
familiar with ejido processes and
formalities. In fact,ejidos represent a very interesting topic for investors in
real estate and tourism because a considerable amount of land in Mexico belongs
to ejidos,and an important amount of these ejidos are located in coastal

Even some of the land that will be used for the new Tulum airport was originally ejido

The right to use this type of land can be purchased,but is
sometimes a risky deal,so it is important to understand that ejido titles can
only be sold or transferred to other members of the ejido

Individual ejido members must obtain a full title through the
"Domino Pleno" process before the title can be transferred to a foreign buyer.
If this doesn't happen any ejido land you buy will not be your property,you
will only be allowed to use it.

Ejido members can acquire ownership to
the land they hold via a process called PROCEDE (Procedimiento de Certificación
de Derechos Ejidales / Procedure for Certification of Ejido Rights).

means of PROCEDE each part of ejido land is surveyed then numbered and assigned
to each ejido member via titles or certificates. They can then start the second
part of the process called Dominio Pleno.

Ejido members have the land
title after this two part process is complete and can then transfer the land to
anyone including foreigners.

Benefits of PROCEDE to ejido members include
being able to: Assign their rights between members of ejido; Inherit their ejido
rights; Enter into long term (30 years,renewable) association agreements with
third parties; and acquire full ownership and title to solares (lots) and transfer them to any third
party without restrictions.

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finding out more about Mexico land and ejidos.

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