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Eco-Tourism Thrives In Mexico

12 September, 2012

If you seek to travel while being environmentally conscious consider sustainable
tourism—a segment that’s becoming increasingly popular in the travel industry
and thriving in Mexico.

Picture yourself swimming in a lagoon in the
Riviera Maya,surrounded by birds,tall mangrove trees,orchids,and fish at
Sian Ka’an Biosphere,a 1.3 million-acre ecological park that is a UNESCO World
Heritage Site known for its geography,wetlands,23 known archeological sites,
103 known mammal species and 336 known bird species.

If you’re more of a
thrill seeker,do as the locals do in Senda Sur in el Ocote,a high jungle that
runs across the states of Chiapas,Oaxaca and Veracruz where you can trek for 5
hours and be in contact with nature,walk through jungles,narrow wooden
bridges,encounter rare animals and arrive at the Río Cedros water fall where
you can swim and see some species of fauna.

Many providers are practicing
responsible tourism by creating tours and expeditions such as these that are
working to preserve the culture of the indigenous communities and the landscapes
and animals of their environment.

This sustainable way of thinking is
becoming a priority for many hotels and tourist zones in Mexico and the
government is taking notice.

Sustainable practices continue to be
developed all over the world and Mexico continues to find ways to apply these
practices to offer new and different tourism opportunities to its guests.