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Dream of Owning Green?

12 September, 2012

Ever dream of owning a green, ecologic home one day and living in harmony with the planet? Well hear the call of a sacred place on the shores of the Mexican Caribbean - a place called Tulum.

Nestled on a coast of turquoise seas and white beaches in Mexico's burgeoning Riviera Maya, Tulum has drawn the attention of the environmentally conscious – individuals and organizations far and wide.

Why? Not just because of the pristine, Eden-esque beauty of Tulum, but because of the high ecological awareness to preserve it's natural splendor, and the commitment of the local people and the Mexican Federal Government to do so. One major way this commitment can be seen is through the development of sustainable, ecologic communities. These eco-communities are the first of its kind and reveal the depth of Tulum's dedication to ensuring long-term sustainability - that the beautiful jungles, beaches, and cenotes (natural underground springs) remain pristine for generations to come.

Nowadays sustainable architecture is present on every design table, for it's what our planet asks for. Unfortunately though, in America and many first world countries, the idea of owning an ecologic home with all the bells and whistles involve high costs. In Mexico however, your dream of living in a planet-friendly, eco-chic home is surprisingly affordable. If you've ever dreamed of owning a green home, you should certainly look first in Tulum. And we're not just talking about houses with a few solar panels on the roof.

The vision of Tulum is the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. The local Mayan people's innate creativity and building skills are used to reflect this vision in the form of solar panels, wind generators, rainwater collectors, dry bathrooms, to compost, local stone walls, wooden columns and forms with natural ventilation thought through in the design. Homes here are built with rocks that are collected by hand, and organically laced into structure over recycled and reclaimed wooden logs. And with local construction techniques and very minimal machinery, even the building process of these Tulum homes produce less than minimal carbon emissions. And an added bonus is that each home is an individual work of art, allowing the ebb and flow of the earth to dictate the design of each home.

Completely dedicated to striking that rare balance of human comfort with nature in a respectful and positive way, our eyes are on Tulum to lead the way in ecologic consciousness and protecting earth's fragile ecosystem.

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