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Don't Miss This Wonder Of The World

12 September, 2012

Later this month,thousands will gather at Chichen Itza Mayan archaelogical
site,for an amazing event at this modern Wonder of the World.

On Spring
Equinox,March 21,they will witness the astounding accuracy of Mayan astronomy
in the architecture of the Pyramid of Kulkulkan.

The Equinoxes - when the
number of hours in the day is equal to those at night - were sacred to the
Mayans,whose beliefs were based around calender cycles.

During the
Equinox,the sun's rays on the pyramid make seven triangles that look like the
body of a serpent 111 ft (34m) long,moving down the side of the pyramid and
joining a huge,carved stone serpent head at the bottom.

The phenomenon
can be viewed in Chichen Itza for four days,so if the weather isn't good or you
can't get there on one day,you still have more options. This year it is visible
from the 20-23 of March. Get there before 3 pm. The show lasts about an hour. Be
prepared for a big crowd!