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Democracy Wins In Mexico's Elections

12 September, 2012

Mexico's mid-term congressional elections passed without any major problems this
month,representing another victory for democracy and the rule of law in

In a triumph of electoral logistics,almost 80 million people
were registered to vote across the country.

The polls were to elect 500
regional Diputados - or Deputies - to
the lower house as well as six state governors and hundreds of

President Felipe Calderón's PAN party lost the majority in the
lower house to the opposition PRI party.

The New York Times said,
"Although Mr. Calderón is personally popular,his economic policies are not.
Mexico has been buffeted especially hard by the global economic

Other commentators pointed out that ruling parties rarely win
votes during economic recessions in any country.

Despite his losses,
Calderón said Mexico's democratic institutions had shown "solidity and strength"
and that he had the "best disposition and will" to talk and work together with
the new government.

Opinions are divided on whether Mr Calderón's party
could lose the next presidential election in 2012,but the true winner here is

Mexico,once again,has demonstrated the strength of its
political institutions and the ability of Mexicans to vote with complete freedom
of choice.

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