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Dell Moves Production To Mexico

12 September, 2012

Computer manufacturer,Dell,said last week that they would close their
plant in North Carolina and move production to Mexico.

The Boston Herald
newspaper said that according to a federal document,the work that has been done
at Dell’s Winston-Salem factory will be given to third-party providers in Mexico
and other countries.

Company officials also told weekly paper,the Austin
Business Journal,that the move to Mexico is "simplifying operations and
improving efficiency." Dell has been attempting to reduce annual operating costs
by $4 billion.

Dell becomes the latest multinational company to move
production to Mexico or increase existing production. As one of the world’s
strongest emerging economies,Mexico offers an exceptional return on

As the global economy continues to recover,overseas
investment is flowing to emerging markets in search of strong returns - be they
in businesses or property.

The Mexico investment property market is
already showing strong signs of growth. The savvy investor knows that now is the
time to get in,before prices really start to take off.

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