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Cozumel In Mexico - Island Of Peace

12 September, 2012

Cozumel Island in Mexico will be named the "Island of Peace" next Monday and
awarded a banner at a special ceremony in the Quintana Roo Park.

prestigious flag,whose previous recipients include the Dalai Lama,is awarded
by the International Committee for the Banner of Peace,an non-governmental
organization officially affiliated with the United Nations and headed by Dr.
Alicia Rodriguez,the first Mexican woman to be nominated for the Nobel Peace

Mayor of Cozumel,Juan Carlos González,said this is the first
time the flag has been awarded to an island.

He said one of the reasons
Cozumel was selected is because the island has "no record of any warlike
conflict,from ancient Mayan times to today".

The flag is a universal
symbol with the purpose of achieving a better world and promoting respect for
all people.

It was first accepted unanimously by all the American
countries on April 15th,1935,in the White House in Washington,DC,with the
signing of the "Roerich Peace Pact."

With no religion or political
ideology,the flag committee says its message is one of "integration and peace,
with the purpose of achieving unity in diversity."

For more information
visit the the International Committee for the
Banner of Peace website
or visit our main website for more about Cozumel.