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CNN, Fox, SmartMoney and Dow Jones Go Crazy For Riviera Maya Airport

12 September, 2012

The media have gone crazy this week for the new Riviera Maya airport that was announced by Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, on Monday.

In a frenzy of coverage, the international investment and travel press are right behind the new Tulum airport plan.

CNN said that the Tulum airport was needed because the Riviera Maya receives more foreign tourists than anywhere else in Mexico, including neighbor Cancun.

The airport would help serve the "booming tourism industry", according to Fox Business.

NASDAQ reported the estimated cost for the airport project at $255 million and on top investment website, SmartMoney, they quoted the President saying the new Riviera Maya airport will have a capacity of as many as 3 million passengers per year.

Dow Jones mentioned in their coverage that it will be "the first airport in Mexico to have every aspect of its construction concessioned--funded by private investment."

And, in their third update to the story in one day, Reuters described the Riviera Maya as a "Caribbean spa" that receives so many visitors it needs its own airport.

The fact that the President of Mexico made a diversion from an international finance meeting in Cancun to announce the new airport has made many doubters realize it really is going ahead.

No more speculation. Now the buzz in Tulum is real. The new Riviera Maya airport is on its way.

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