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Capacity Doubled At Cancun Airport

12 September, 2012

Cancun airport’s new second runway was officially unveiled to thousands of
people this week.

Part of a $67 million infrastructure project including
a new control tower and taxiway bridge, the investment doubles the airport’s
capacity to 28 million passengers per year.

In a move that will boost the
Cancun real estate market, the new 2, 625 yard (2, 400m) runway makes Cancun the
first airport in Mexico that can handle simultaneous takeoffs and landings on
two runways, doubling its capacity from 40 to 80 flights per hour.

impressive new giant control tower is among the 20 tallest in the world,
measuring more than 315 feet (96m) in height, helping to make the allocation of
runway slots more efficient.

The total terminal area has more than
doubled now, from 170, 600 square feet (15, 849 sqm) to 387, 140 square feet
(35, 966 sqm), making it one of the largest Cancun real estate projects

An important stimulus to the local economy, in the last nine years,
more than $361 million have been invested at Cancun airport.

international airport is operated by ASUR, a Mexican company listed on the New
York Stock Exchange. ASUR is also expected to compete for the contract to build
and operate the new Tulum airport.

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