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Cancun Real Estate News: Innovative Cancer Treatment Center Opens in Cancun

12 September, 2012

The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch reported that PanAm HIFU has announced the opening of a new prostate cancer treatment center in Mexico at Cancun’s Amerimed Hospital. PanAm HIFU is emerging as a world leader in the treatment of prostate cancer,using minimally invasive focal therapy with the innovative robotic Ablatherm-HIFU system. 

HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and is a treatment option that is currently in late stage clinical trials in the U.S. 

“Our expansion in Cancun is a milestone,” stated Dr. Ronald E. Wheeler,medical director of PanAm HIFU. “It allows us to meet increasing demands to treat more patients and it allows us to train physicians on HIFU technology in preparation for U.S. approval.”

Wheeler has treated more than 350 patients using this procedure since 2005 and calls an “important advancement in patient care.” At this time he only treats patients in Cancun and in London,England. 

This groundbreaking new cancer treatment available at Amerimed Hospital offers yet another reason that Cancun real estate is a perfect retirement haven for expats from around the world. From some of the world’s most beautiful beaches,best shopping and most innovative medical care,Cancun and the surrounding Riviera Maya region of Mexico have everything a retiree needs to enjoy life to the fullest. 

In fact,according to the Wall Street Journal,the nearby town of Tulum – which just to the south of Cancun – is number three on the 2012 list of the world’s top ten retirement havens. Places like Tulum allow retirees to live the good life at “a fraction of the cost of living in the U.S.” and also provide a quality of life that is well above average.