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Cancun is "Back and Better Than Ever"

12 September, 2012

In a glowing report about Cancun's 40th birthday,the San Francisco Chronicle said,this week,that the favorite Mexican resort is "back and better than ever".

Noting 85% hotel occupation and the destination's amazing comeback after a tough 2009,the special anniversary report said Cancun now attracts some 4 million tourists a year.

Cancun real estate now "bristles" with tens of thousands of hotel rooms,as well as restaurants,bars and night clubs,said the leading Californian newspaper.

They went on to look at some of the reasons for the Mexican Caribbean city's success and the growth of the Cancun real estate market.

The report waxed lyrical about Cancun's new underwater museum,which it described as the "world's largest underwater sculpture park."

The Frisco daily also spoke of the renovated beaches,which saw $71 million spent to pump in 8 million cubic yards (6.1 million cu m) of soft,toe-tickling white sand.

The 6.5 mile (10.5 km) stretch of beach has been brought back to its "gleaming,131-foot-wide splendor",they said.

Aside from all the tourist attractions,the special feature didn't fail to mention the vibrant Cancun real estate market either.

They spoke of the "affordable luxury north of downtown",in Isla Mujeres,as well as property in the central hotel zone,where luxury is "palpable but not over the top".

With hotel occupation levels almost reaching capacity over Easter and a record number of flightslanding and taking off at Cancun's newly expanded international airport,there can be no doubt that the resort's comeback this year is set to continue into the 2010s.

Whether looking for a place to visit on vacation,or a sound investment property for the future,Cancun real estate offers some unbeatable opportunities now.

As the San Francisco Chronicle put it,Cancun is "the Caribbean's No. 1 destination".

Visit the newspaper's website to read the full article.