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Cancun Airport Traffic and Profits Rise at Record Pace

12 September, 2012

ASUR,the privatized Mexican airport group that operates Cancun International airport,announced today that there was a 39.79% increase in Cancun’s international traffic for the second quarter of 2010 year-over-year. According to the report,revenues increased by 33% and operating profit rose by a whopping 70% over the same period.

Some attribute this stunning increase to the recent recovery from the global recession and the dissolution of swine flu fears. Other analysts believe the ongoing Gulf oil spill has driven many vacationers from traditional getaways in coastal Alabama and Florida to Mexico’s pristine caribbean shores.

Whatever the case may be,Mexico’s Riviera Maya is experiencing a phenomenal upsurge in visitors and tourism income this year. This is especially good news for the recently announced construction of thenew Riviera Maya International Airport in Tulum,currently in the bidding process. The Tulum based airport is expected to begin construction before the end of 2010 and be near completion by the end of 2012. Although Tulum is currently a town of only 30,000 residents,the new airport is expected to receive over 3 million travelers when fully operational.