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Baja California Real Estate Celebrates Security Cooperation

12 September, 2012

Baja California real estate owners will be celebrating a report from CNN
last week,that reported tourists crossing the border at Baja can expect more
police support from a new protection task force.

CNN said “Officials
from the Baja California cities of Tijuana,Ensenada and Rosarito gathered to
announce the creation of the task force,which will be made up of bilingual
officers and which will be designed primarily to serve

Although there is no news as yet on when the task force will
be rolled out,the San Diego police force has spoken and said they would extend
their help in any way necessary to support the task force,including the
training of officers.

The officers,although no word on how many as yet,
will patrol a stretch of 50 miles (80km) in Mexico’s most north-west state,from
Tijuana through Las Playas Rosarito,to Ensenada in the Baja California real
estate zone.

The Mayor of Tijuana,Jorge Ramos,said in a news conference
earlier this month "We're here on this side of the border to invite you to our
city and to [show you] we're making a lot of things ... better,and to make some
progress in our city."

With reports from CNN that Americans make up 80
percent of the $13 billion USD tourist industry in Mexico it is encouraging to
see Mexico is making moves to try and ensure a safe trip across the border. This
wil indirectly affect Baja California real estate which is largely dependent on
tourism too.

With fears for the region's reputation due to media reports
about drug violence,the patrol force may be the answer to encourage more people
to cross the border knowing they are going to be well protected.

can only be good news for local industry and hotels south of the border that is
struggling to recover from lower tourist numbers,as well as Baja California real estate.