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Americans May Have Access To Mexico Health Care

12 September, 2012

Americans may be able to use their Medicare and Medicaid insurance to access Mexico health care within one year, reported Bloomberg news yesterday.

The move would make Mexico real estate
even more attractive to Americans looking to buy homes and retire south of the

Bruno Ferrari,chief executive officer of Promexico,Mexico's
foreign investment agency,told the news service that "authorities are
interested" in the idea.

He said ten US and Canadian companies have
shown an interest in building Mexico health care facilities for Americans
looking for low cost treatment.

With the US health care debate heating
up,the Mexican health care system is hitting the
and more Americans are opting for 'medical

"This would be a great opportunity for the industry in this
country ... There are developers interested in creating new cities," said

According to Promexico,some forms of health care in the US can
cost 12 times as much as in Mexico.

Figures from the US Centers for
Medicare and Medicaid services predict total spending by the insurance programs
will amount to $889.1 billion in 2009,about a third of all health care spending
in the US.

Some are surprised by the extremely high standards of health
care in Mexico,but when they realize that many of the top Mexican medical staff
are trained in US universities and hospitals,the reasons become

Many health insurance companies already offer
policies to foreigners buying homes in Mexico and the Mexican government's IMSS
health care program is also available with excellent basic cover at a very low

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